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What to know about hardwood

Wood floors add value to your home in several ways. First, you'll recoup 70% to 80% of your hardwood purchase, as seen in your property assessment.

Second, a potential buyer will sometimes pay more for a home with wood floors.

Third, it has enhanced visual appeal.

At Coleman's Flooring & Blinds we know hardwood is timeless and never goes out of style. It adds a rich, warm elegance to your home.

We also know shopping for ANY flooring can be both exciting and mind-boggling.

That's why we offer a free design consultation; we'll walk you through the process to simplify it for you. Call us to schedule an appointment. Our showroom is in Fort Wayne, IN and we service Fort Wayne, New Haven, Auburn, Huntertown, and Angola.

There are two kinds of hardwood

Throughout the decade, more and more people began to show a preference for engineered hardwood flooring.
While the beauty of solid can't be denied, the engineered version appeals to those who also have a practical bent, as the construction makes it more stable and water-resistant.

While solid is one slab of wood all the way through, engineered consists of a top layer of genuine wood (from the forest), with at least three layers below that are combinations of wood and other materials.

Each layer is in a crosswise position, making the fibers run parallel to each other.

Solid shrinks and expands to adjust to the weather, so it needs to undergo an acclimation process before installation. It can also warp or cut when exposed to excess water.

Even though the acclimation process is simple, engineered hardwood customers do not need to concern themselves with it. There is better water-resistance so, while no flooring should be submerged in water, there is less chance for warping.
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in New Haven, IN from Coleman's Flooring & Blinds

Wood floors are easy to care for

Vacuum regularly. Remove beater bars if you have them.

For all hardwood, whether solid or engineered, apply some common-sense everyday rules, such as using mats, avoiding stilettos and wiping liquid spills immediately.

Both can be refinished and sanded.

Some people like to layer a scatter rug or two over them. The rugs aren't just a design tool, highlighting the beautiful color undertones of wood, but the additional texture can also slow down the vibrations and echoes from any hard surface.