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Everyone must have waterproof luxury vinyl flooring WPC

You don't have to live in flood zones to worry about excess water. Eve the most gentile rainstorm can create havoc.

Moisture is just as damaging as water, and there are plenty of things we, ourselves, do that create problems.

Coleman's Flooring & Blinds knows just how overwhelming and stressful it can be to shop for your home, so we simply it as much as possible.

Call us to schedule an appointment for a free design consultation. We'll walk you through the process and you'll know just why you need waterproof flooring with the WPC core. Our showroom is in Fort Wayne, IN and we service Fort Wayne, New Haven, Auburn, Huntertown, and Angola.

What is it?

This material is simply the latest, most advanced version of luxury vinyl flooring (LVF). LVF is durable and waterproof, with the first generation having the traditional vinyl composite core.

The new flooring version comes with a WPC (wood plastic composite) core to offer the highest level of protection.

WPC cannot ripple or peel. When you have this waterproof flooring, it will catch leaks and tap moisture so it doesn’t spread to nearby rooms.
Waterproof flooring in Fort Wayne, IN from Coleman's Flooring & Blinds

How do we create moisture and water?

There are several ways, including:

  • Burst pipes and appliance floods. Plumbing systems have a lot of connectors and if one is weak, and a sink drains slowly, it will back up and eventually cause leaks.

Dishwashers are prime suspects, as are corroded washing machine hoses. If your refrigerator has an automatic ice dispenser, it can rupture.

  • Clogged drain pipes. It might be outside, but it wreaks havoc with excess humidity on the inside. Before long, you have moisture pockets in the wall with peeling and flaking wallpaper and paint.
  • Decaying water heaters. They last about 12 years and you should start checking it when it reaches the 10-year-point. Look for rust and slow leaks. It might even eventually burst.
  • Chimney damage. It might only take minutes, but if the wind comes at just the right angle, the chimney flashing can crumble and cause a leak.
  • Roofs. Broken or otherwise damaged shingles.

Please note that everyday activities, such as cooking, taking steamy showers, doing laundry, etc. can all cause excess water and moisture that all require a waterproof floor. Ever notice that when it’s cold outside, the windows inside steam up when you cook or run the oven?