The importance of carpet style

The importance of carpet style

When you walk into a carpet store, you'll be pleasantly overwhelmed by the numerous textures, styles, and colors, but it's essential to keep in mind that whatever texture you choose should be able to meet your needs.

Conduct a little research to understand the pros and cons of each texture and style, and you'll be guaranteed to find carpeting that looks great and performs well for a long time. Also, be aware that style, construction, and texture are often used interchangeably.

First, consider your lifestyle

Think about family size, kids, pets, and room use. Will the room be the center of family activity or an area used only for entertaining? Does the amount of upkeep matter? What are your budget and overall home style?

Beginning as a looped construction

All carpets start as an uncut loop, as in the Berber or Level Loop style. Both are highly durable and great for high traffic rooms, but the loops can also be cut into yarns of various lengths, including:

1. Basic cut pile with short, evenly sheared fibers. Suitable for all traffic levels.

2. Saxony, a cut pile with either a plush or textured surface. Plush feel soft and luxurious and is best for low traffic rooms like the bedroom, while Saxony Textured can be used anywhere.

3. Shag has long loose fibers and is referred to as "sheepdog rug" because it requires extra maintenance.

4. Frieze, a durable rug, has long-ish fibers twisted so tightly they curl, giving it a more casual look.

5. Low pile. Short, tightly woven fibers make them durable and easy to clean–yet soft. This is fine anywhere and used in commercial spaces such as busy offices.

6. Cut and loop: Exactly as it sounds, the various fiber heights create patterns and textures, such as geometrics, pin dots, and sculpted marble looks.

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