Which is best for me? Synthetic or Natural carpet flooring

Which is best for me? Synthetic or Natural carpet flooring

They are both excellent choices. However, your choice will ultimately depend on your value of specific characteristics.

Natural vs. Synthetic

Fiber is the material from which carpeting yarns are made. That makes it the very foundation of a rug.
Natural fibers are harvested from nature, such as plants or animal fur. As a result, they'll appeal to those who are environmentally conscious.

Since these rugs are natural, they are chemical toxins and often completely free of VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Wool accounts for about 3% of broadloom. It's durable, resilient, and naturally soil-repellent. Wool is the only natural fiber used; others, like jute, are more appropriate as mats.

About synthetic fibers

The four most popular synthetics are nylon, polyester, olefin, and triexta. Many large families see this floor covering type as the more practical choice.

Synthetic fibers are manufactured, so some chemicals are bound to be in their composition. They are also more stain-resistant, durable, resilient, and resistant to fading.

They are also less pricey than their wool counterparts.

A brief catalog of synthetic fibers

Synthetic rugs are soft and come in a large variety of styles. You’ll see designs such as Chambers Bay or Confetti by Engineered Floors-Dream Weaver.

Our carpet store has a wide assortment of fibers, including nylon, known for ultra strength, resiliency, and excellent stain resistance. This is best for busy, active families in high-traffic areas.

Polyester is non-absorbent and has superior stain resistance. It's best for moderately busy rooms.

Triexta is relatively new but already has a strong reputation. It's strong with permanent stain resistance built into the fiber of the carpeting.

Olefin is budget-friendly, durable, and inherently soil resistant. It's mainly associated with looped constructions.

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